SHO-Time Rosin Review

//SHO-Time Rosin Review

SHO-Time Rosin Review

Based out of St. John’s, Newfoundland, SHO-Time specializes in providing high quality rosin, shatter and cannabis flower at very reasonable prices. We checked out 4 different strains of rosin – each had it’s own unique properties making it special. It’s great to see such variation in the products being offered.

The owner is responsive to questions and friendly to deal with. Very accommodating service overall. The photos on the website are all accurate, what you see is what you get. They also have a Rosin Pressing Service, which is a very cool and unique service that we’ve never seen!

Our order arrived in a small standard bubble mailer with no indication as to what was inside. Inside was a vacuum sealed package containing 4 small, neatly labeled bags. Then inside each of these was a silicon container with the rosin tucked away inside.

The 4 strains of rosin all look, smell and taste quite unique – all inheriting some of the traits of the strains it was pressed from. The terpene profile on all of them is on point as well. The temperature and pressure has certainly been dialed in and nearly perfected.

Super Green Crack Rosin
4 Our Rating
Visual Appeal4

Our Experience

Look: The Super Green Crack rosin from SHO-time looks absolutely crazy! It’s got a silly putty like consistency with not much stick to it. Very dense stuff and hard to break apart. The colour is a very light amber, almost pale yellow.

Smell: As soon as you open the bag you get a massive whiff of the well known Green Crack strain. Super citrusy body almost reminiscent of mangos. Really pleasant smelling stuff overall

Taste: Taste is about what you would expect given the smell. Excellent terpene profile on this rosin. You can tell it was made with care – temperatures and pressures have been dialed in perfectly on this one!

Buzz: Dabs of this rosin provided a solid sativa buzz characterized by much more energy and creativity without adding any paranoia or stress. Recommended for day time use mostly although it really shines in the morning. Those suffering from fatigue, depression or lack of ambition will find this extra helpful

Double Death Bubba Rosin
3.6 Our Rating
Visual Appeal3.5

Our Experience

Look: Medium amber in colour with a very soft, somewhat sticky texture. Consistency is very much like thick peanut butter, while not quite as messy. Easy to work with and decent looking product overall

Smell: Classic Bubba Kush diesel / pungent aroma with some earthy notes. Smell is fairly potent right off the pop but expands greatly when dabbed at a low temp.

Taste: The smell carries over to the taste with an earthy flavour accentuated by some floral notes. Not quite as pungent although might be due to the temp it was pressed at.

Buzz: Moderate indica buzz that lasted for some time. Decent couchlock and relaxation. Perfect for night time dabs! This is a great option for anybody suffering from insomnia, chronic pain or anxiety.

Purple Trainwreck Rosin
3.4 Our Rating
Visual Appeal2.5

Our Experience

Look: The Purple Trainwreck rosin has a dark gold appearance with a fairly sticky texture. Not the prettiest stuff but we quickly learned after dabbing it that looks can be deceiving.

Smell: The fragrance is very earthy with some deep fruity undertones. Can certainly see the Mendicino Purps genetics shining through here.

Taste: Dabs were pretty heavy overall with a mostly earthy flavour. Nice terpene profile overall although heavy on the earth. Somewhat fruity although not sugary or sweet

Buzz: Decent indica dominant hybrid buzz that provided a decent amount of couchlock and relaxation although didn’t completely knock us out. Recommended for late day to night time use. If you suffer from mild pain or anxiety this is definitely something worth checking out.

Purple Candy Rosin
3.3 Our Rating
Visual Appeal3

Our Experience

Look: This rosin is quite soft and sticky in texture with a dark amber to brown colouration. Consistency is again like thick peanut butter. The stickiness makes it a little tricky to work with but it’s a great night time dab none the less.

Smell: The smell is mostly an earthy, musky aroma with some fruity notes – mostly of grapes and apricot. Leaves a tangy, earthy smell in the room after being dabbed.

Taste: Mostly earthy taste with a slight muskyness to it. Taste isn’t all too bad but the terpene profile is fairly flat.

Buzz: The Purple Candy rosin provided a strong indica buzz that lasted for a good amount of time. The effects are quite heady in comparison to other Purple Candy variations we’ve had in the past. Recommended for night time use mainly although could be a good all day for more experienced tokers. Perfect choice for those suffering from chronic pain or insomnia.

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