Canada’s cannabis shortage could be over quicker than we thought, researcher says

Canada’s cannabis shortage could be over quicker than we thought, researcher says

If Canada’s licensed cannabis producers continue ramping up production at their current exponential pace, there will be more than enough pot to meet the government’s projected demand by the end of 2019, predicts one cannabis researcher who conducted an analysis of the government’s most recent data.

While some have suggested shortages in the sector could last for years, Brock University professor Michael Armstrong argues that barring any unforeseen circumstances that supply concerns will be resolved much more quickly than that. 

Total legal production of cannabis began drastically increasing about six months before legalization, Armstrong notes, as evidenced by how quickly cannabis inventories were growing.

“If you look at the data from 2017, and you compare it to pace of production right now, you can see how licensed producers were stockpiling cannabis at a hectic rate,” Armstrong said. “Not only were they adding more to inventories each month, the amount they were adding was greater each month. If that continues, supply should catch up to demand by the end of this year.”

Financial Post
Vanmala Subramaniam · Financial Post
Publish Date: February 1, 2019

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