The Only Pot-Brownie Recipe You’ll Ever Need

The Only Pot-Brownie Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Unless your Grandma was more into jam bands than making jam, you’ve probably never tasted pot brownies that could even compare to her delicious, fudgy chocolate-swirl brownies. Until now. The recipe comes from Denver’s Sweet Grass Kitchen, one of Colorado’s largest distributors of cannabis-infused edibles, and winner of this year’s People’s Choice for “Best Edible Products” at the Cannabis Business Awards.

Lauren Finesilver, executive chef at Sweet Grass, tweaked her Grandmother’s recipe slightly by adding cannabutter, but the rest remains true to the original. The secret to these brownies’ rich, fudgy consistency is dark chocolate made with 60-70% cacao. “Cocoa powder doesn’t have enough chocolate flavor to balance out the cannabis,” she says. Finesilver has tried her fair share of pot-brownie recipes, including her Dad’s from the ‘70s. “His recipe included rum-soaked raisins and a ‘lid’ of pot with seeds, stems, and everything. They’re the kind of brownies that knock you out for days.”

Publish Date: December 29, 2014

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