The Fast Rising Cannabis Trend: 9 Facts Nobody Told You

The Fast Rising Cannabis Trend: 9 Facts Nobody Told You

Marijuana/Pot/Weed/CBD/Cannabinoid all these variants of a once illegal plant have taken over the marketplace since a couple of years with a sonic boom. The industrial hemp with minimal or zero THC levels has now been legalized in the United States of America. The legalization of cannabis has created plenty of new possibilities for medical sciences, commercial giants and stakeholders. Let us familiarize ourselves with advanced and fast-rising Cannabis trends, without wasting a single second.

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  1. The industry is growing faster than ever.

As the smirch of illegality dwindled in the context of hemp or marijuana, the industries have started growing rapidly. The companies which were first producing CBD oil and CBD products like vape pens and bongs have experienced a high rate of growth. With the legalization of marijuana, more and more people have come to the conclusion that it’s safe to consume and innumerable medical research has shown its miracles as a medicinal plant. With all of these things coming in the role, the CBD based products are trending more than they ever were.

2. Healthy is the new trend.

Everyone wants to be healthy. CBD users don’t count themselves out of being health conscious, The current marketing trends are open to finding a healthy CBD product that can attract its users from miles away. Therefore most companies are doing their own marijuana cultivation to make it more organic and safer to consume. With uncountable growth for “Low Potency Products”, the demand has increased drastically. While companies decide to grow their own Cannabis, they keep in mind that choosing the best quality cannabis seeds is also important. Many marketers are coming with unique and science-backed alternatives to the old CBD with a huge amount of THC. Most companies have started selling beer with traces of CBD which will give you that same psychoactive experience but with less THC.

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3. A tandem of Steroids and CBD.

In the modern world of Bodybuilding, steroids have become a trend for buffing up faster and that too in a healthy way. But with Marijuana getting a green signal from the Government, using CBD extracts as a pre-workout intake along with legal steroids can help your muscles grow in a healthy way. You can now buy steroids in canada with ease to boost your workout.CBD aids the growth of muscle mass by running an anti-catabolic process in our body. According to research done by the National Institute of Health, Maryland, USA, CBD extracts have a noticeable effect on the physical performance of athletes.

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4. Terpenes – the building blocks that are trending.

Terpenes are the building blocks of CBD based product which provide them with a flavor to savor. Terpenes are the tastemakers of CBD products. Terpenes, when combined with Cannabis’ THC results in producing a product which is more effective than it’s reactants. With this new age legalization of CBD products, scientists will now look to do research over the separate effects of THC and Terpenes.

5. Cannabis as the new trending pain killer.

According to research Cannabis has proved itself as an effective pain-relieving extract. Cannabis extract or CBD oil can relieve chronic pains of most diseases. When taken in a different form, the CBD oil relieves different body parts from pain. Some of the notable sightings of CBD oil in action were found as cured insomnia, hypertension etcetera.

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6. Be smart – go for the ancillary.

Ancillary companies are the companies who fund the CBD production companies to aid them with financial stability and do the job. They don’t come in where marijuana cultivation, harvesting or industrial treatment of the Cannabis happens, they are the backstage juries. In that case, investing your money in these ancillary companies or if you have enough fund then opening one ancillary service is the most trending way to make money in the modern Marijuana world.

7. Waste management is the next viral thing.

Nowadays hemp or marijuana cultivation is done mainly for fulfilling the needs of medicinal and recreational purposes. Contrasting to this, in ancient times, Hemp was mostly cultivated for the high fiber content it holds. The ropes produced with hemp or cannabis were so incredibly influential that they were used to pull and carry multi-ton statues to hilltops. According to a research paper published by California State University, the multi-tons statues were on Easter Islands were carried atop the hill with the help of three hemp ropes each statue. According to research conducted by Universities of Italy and Germany Cannabis should be used as a multi-purpose plant. According to the researchers, yellow stem hemp has the highest fiber content. So this proves that byproduct left after using the cannabis for the medicinal or recreational purpose can be recycled to produce fiber. This fiber producing nature of hemp will reduce waste product and will make cannabis more sort of a white-tie thing. This new and trending trait of Cannabis will uplift the veil of the doubt from investors’ minds and open a whole new gateway for Hemp Industry.

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Above is a flowchart indicating the capability and procedure of producing fiber from Hemp.

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8. CBD trends as the ice of doctrine rifts apart.

A Research paper published by Kentucky Tobacco Research and Development center and U.K. Department of Plant and Soil Sciences has differentiated Medical Cannabis and “Getting High” in a crystal clear way. As per the research, the Cannabis plant has two known and popular byproducts, used by humans. Number one – called THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the ingredient responsible for the psychotropic effect on the mind and it causes nausea and dizziness to the body. Number two ingredient is CBD or phytocannabinoid which has the ability to relieve pains which no other painkillers can. So as clearly stated by the scientists, medicinal marijuana has an abundance of CBD which has zero psychotropic effects on the human body. While pharmaceutical companies maintain the levels of CBD in their medicinal products they also follow a strict guideline to ensure that not a single trace of THC (the psychotropic devil) is found in their products. This process regulated by a confirmed set of rules and quality standards ensure that medicinal marijuana has nothing to do with you getting high. So just relax, and let this trending painkiller take away all the pain.

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9. Introducing the trendsetter to your pet’s anxiety attacks.

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According to research, CBD has anticonvulsant characteristics, which means it can prevent seizures. Along with this, CBD has anti-epileptic property as well. A tandem of these can prevent your pet from having a seizure. Also, research suggests that it is a powerful and in-action Antiemetic, which means it promotes appetite and demotes the feelings of nausea and constipation in your pets. In an overall view of the situation, some milligrams or drops of CBD oil can also be used as a daily tonic for your pets to keep them sustainably healthy and in a good mood. CBD has also been known to get rid of anxiety and sadness, so next time when you’re not around your pet, tell the one who’ll take care of your dog to add a drop or two of CBD in their food supplements. This will help them stay cheered up and on a high spirit when you return.

Above stated are just a few trends that are trending in the Cannabis market, there are many more, but for that, you need to discover the market yourself. You can’t tell if the river is deep or not while you are on the shore, for that you need to take a swim. Likewise, explore the trends yourself.

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