6 new Canadian infused drinks

6 new Canadian infused drinks

With the latest legalization rules, drinks that use cannabis to mimic sensations we’re familiar with—like that sleepy sensation you get from chamomile or the buzz you feel from a glass of Chardonnay—are going to be readily available this year.

There are plenty of new options coming to the Canadian market including hot teas, iced teas, spritzers, flat waters, and more. Brands are creating a variety of strengths and, so far, there seems to be a good mix of pure CBD drinks, heavy-hitting THC options, as well as some that have a balance of CBD and THC.

Most brands below shipped their products to retail stores back in December, so goods should be landing on shelves in the months to come.

Information presented in this post is accurate as of the date of publication, however product details are subject to change pending regulatory approval, infrastructure, and other developments.

Lisa Felepchuk
Publish Date: January 6, 2020

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