FADED Cannabis Co. was established with the intention of providing the highest-quality medical marijuana options for our patients.  From edibles to concentrates — at FADED Cannabis, our products must first begin with premium flowers in order to provide our consumers with the most pure and potent cannabis-infused products.

Our mission begins and ends with our commitment to excellence and the belief in meeting the needs of our loyal consumers.  Crafted with the utmost care and attention to quality, all of our products ensure consistency and effectiveness.

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Faded Edibles
4.1 Our Rating
Visual Appeal4.5

Our Experience

These are some really well made candies! Each pack contains 8 pieces totaling 150mg THC, which will provide a moderate buzz depending on your tolerance level. The look and smell are identical to the candies you’d buy from your local convenience store. As far as taste goes, the initial taste is pretty much the exact same as you’d expect from the candy. Once you’ve finished eating a candy you can taste a very slight bitterness, inherent in many edibles made with BHO or other extracts. The buzz is an indica dominant hybrid buzz that lasts for a reasonable amount of time. Fair amount of sleepiness although it won’t knock you out cold like some edibles. Overall, these edibles are absolutely delicious and provide a pretty nice high. Definitely worth checking out!

Faded Extracts - Jack Herer
3.6 Our Rating
Visual Appeal3

Our Experience

Look: Fairly clear shatter with a consistency somewhere between pull n’ snap and glass. Medium amber colouration with a tiny amount of debris within the shatter. Stable shatter with very minimal bleeding of terpenes and no signs of nucleation / waxing.

Smell: The smell is super piney with some sweet citrus tones coming through as well. Very typical of the Jack Herer strain. It gets emphasized even more once you take a few dabs & exhale into the room.

Taste: Primarily citrus taste with some earthy pine flavour. Very enjoyable dabs overall.

Purge: Left no residue on the nail. No bubbling or sizzling when heated. This is some well purged shatter.

Buzz: Uplifting sativa buzz that provides a rush of cerebral energy, helping you push through your daily tasks like nothing. Recommended for day time use and people suffering from lack of appetite or low energy. 

Faded Extracts - Icewreck Kush
3.9 Our Rating
Visual Appeal4

Our Experience

Look: Medium amber in colour with a glass-like consistency, the Icewreck Kush shatter by Faded Cannabis is a real treat. You can tell it took some real effort and skills to produce it.

Smell: Smell is reminiscent of honey & pine with subtle undertones of freshly cut grass. Fairly intoxicating although the smell is very weak before dabbing – a testament to how stable the shatter is.

Taste: Quite heavy dabs with a decent terpene profile. Taste is primarily pungent kush with notes of honey and ammonia.

Purge: Good purge on this stuff. No signs of butane or any solvents remaining in the shatter.

Buzz: Quality indica buzz with a good amount of couchlock. Can certainly feel it in the eyes immediately after dabbing. Recommended for late day to night time use. People suffering from anxiety, depression or insomnia will find this shatter especially helpful.