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Item last updated: July 4, 2018

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Product Description:

Skunkberry is an rare and exotic hybrid cross of the classic strains Skunk, and Blueberry. While its parent strains may seem generic, or boring to some, the product of the genetic crossing of these two strains ends up creating one of the most wonderfully complex and beautiful flowers available on the market. It is unknown who the original breeders of this strain are, but it is certain that they must of had potency in mind when attempting to create this new strain. Skunkberry is known for its absolutely ridiculous THC percentage - which has been known to be as high as 40%! On average, the THC levels of our Skunkberry range from 32%-40%, easily proving to be one of the most potent strains we have ever, ever come across. As a 50/50 hybrid, derived from the fruity Blueberry and pungent Skunk, the effects of this strain are rather complex. The high begins as a euphoric and happy heady high, followed by a very intense and relaxing body high. The cerebral buzz and uplifting nature of this strain make it great for the treatment of clinical depression and anxiety. The sedative, healing effects of this strain also make it great for dealing with physical pains and ailments, fatigue, and lack of appetite. In general, Skunkberry is a versatile, all-around strain, recommended for either day-time or night-time usage. Skunkberry can be classified as an exotic AAA+ strain solely off of its looks alone. The dense, cone-shaped buds are absolutely covered in a thick golden layer of THC trichomes. Bright green flowers are contrasted by deep, purple leaves to create an absolutely stunning flower. What makes Skunkberry very different from many strains is the aroma - a perfect, DANK mixture of a pungent Skunk-like essence with sweet notes of berries, and lemons. The taste and smoke of this strain is smooth, with flavours of berries and lemon zest on the exhale.

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