Pink Lotus by Doob Dasher

Item last updated: January 5, 2019

Pink Lotus by Doob Dasher - Image © 2018 Doob Dasher. All Rights Reserved.

Product Description:

Pink Lotus is a cross between Sour Blue Thai and Querkle strains and created by Amadeus Genetics. Pink Lotus is an Indica dominant hybrid however the buds grow with a Sativa-like structure, and nugs come out perfectly fluffy with a sugar-coated aesthetic. An intensely fruity, berry-inspired smell makes itself noticeable after 50-60 days. It can treat depression, appetite loss, and tension or stress.Great for daytime or evening usage. Pink Lotus strains high will bring creative aspects to the forefront of the mind, while keeping it relaxed and not over-stimulated. This balance makes for a good all day smoke, but you can expect some munchies.

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1/4 Oz
1/2 Oz

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