Moby Dick by Green Society

Item last updated: August 1, 2018

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Product Description:

Moby Dick was originally grown by Dinefem Seeds over in beautiful Amsterdam. Constantly soaring in popularity due to its tremendous potency, Moby Dick is taking over dispensaries worldwide. Moby Dick is the result of a cross between the heavy-hitting White Widow and classic sativa strain Haze. This former Girl of the Year award-winner is characterized by its incredibly high THC content and profound high. The THC levels for Moby Dick has been known to reach up to as high as 23%! The high of Moby Dick is very productive and stimulating - it begins as an uplifting, euphoric and heavily psychoactive high. Users will instantly feel the energetic, talkative effects associated with Moby Dick, which makes it great for use in social settings or outings. This is a great recreational strain to enjoy with friends but the medicinal benefits are also plentiful. Moby Dick can be used for the treatment of depression, social anxiety and stress. These beautiful elongated sativa nugs are a fluorescent green with orange pistils contrasting the darker tinted leaves. Every crevice and space is blanketedby fluffy THC trichomes. Flavour-wise, Moby Dick is known for its mildly earthy, vanilla-sweet and slightly citrusy aroma and a taste that matches.

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