Lemon Haze by Green Society

Item last updated: July 12, 2018

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Product Description:

Lemon Haze is a strain hailing from California that is deep-rooted within West Coast cannabis culture. This delightful sativa-dominant hybrid was first cultivated by crossbreeding Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. The unmistakably tangy, lemony and piney scent and flavour coupled with the giggly and uplifting nature of this strain make it a fan-favourite globally. The laboratory tests for Lemon Haze are a testimony for the potency of this strain. On average, this strain contains 15-18% THC, which is quite notable for a sativa-dominant hybrid. The high THC and low CBD (1%) contents of Lemon Haze make for a heady, psychedelic high that is rich in feel-good vibes and the giggles. The cerebral, uplifted effects of this strain make it great for dealing with anxiety, depression and overall stress from daily life. Lemon Haze makes for a great all-day, every day use strain, as it helps with focus and promotes social interaction. The analgesic or sedative qualities are on the lighter side, being rather feint, which is the norm for sativa-dominant strains. The most recognizable feature of Lemon Haze is the enticing scent, which is reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemonade - the smell of tangy lemon rinds blend with a sweet and piney undertone to create an refreshing aroma. Conular buds are densely arranged and contain an abundance of visible fluffy trichomes. A minimal amount of pale orange pistils are neatly nestled within the bright green flowers, and upon being broken apart, the buds reveal even more THC.

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