Green Crack by Green Society

Item last updated: May 31, 2018

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Product Description:

Green Crack is a pure sativa strain, originally bred by playing Mother Nature with the strain Skunk #1. Smoking Green Crack induces users into the definition of what a sativa high is like, providing an energetic and focused buzz like no other. Green Crack is marked by its exhilarating and euphoric high, great for users looking to treat depression, fatigue and stress. The engaged effects of this strain also make it perfect for day-time usage, although it can also be recommended for those looking to uplift themselves in the evening. This strain is defined by its iconic bright green and extremely dense nugs, along with the mellow orange coloured pistils. Upon inspection, users will notice the impressive amount of trichomes covering the plant all the way down to the stem. Like many sativa flowers, Green Crack has a familiar earthy, slightly sweet and citrusy smell and flavour.

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