Gods AK-47 by Green Society

Item last updated: July 13, 2018

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Product Description:

Gods AK-47 or Gods AK is a marvelous 50/50 hybrid strain with an impressive family tree. Experienced breeders from Jordan of the Islands crossed their God Bud with Serious Seeds AK-47 to create this heavenly bud. The combination of the resinous, sticky THC and fluffy, cloud-like nugs make this a rather rare and unique strain. With THC levels weighing 15-20% roughly, Gods AK-47 is quite beginner friendly, yet it packs enough of a punch for experienced smokers to be able to enjoy. While the name of the strain may be indicative of it being very deadly or overwhelmingly potent, the effects are vivid, yet controllable and comfortable. The beginning of the high is purely psychedelic and hallucinogenic, inducing users into cerebral and uplifting state. The bouncy, heady buzz then transitions or offsets into a calm and relaxing body high. Medicinally, Gods AK-47 can be used as a multi-purpose strain. The euphoric and happy nature of this strain make it excellent for dealing with stress, or as a mid-day mood booster. The mellow body high associated with this strain is sufficient enough to melt away general body pains and aches, without being overwhelmingly sedative or couch-locking. These beautiful, resinous buds are truly impressive. The amount of crystals covering the buds generate a thick, glue-like layer that will immediately stick to your fingers. Fluorescent green flowers are contrasted by slightly darker pine green leaves and little rich orange hairs. The aroma of Gods AK-47 is very kush-like - consisting of a woody, earthy nose and slightly sweet undertones. This strain is heavy-hitting on the inhale and very tastefully smooth on the exhale. The flavour profile of Gods AK-47 is known to be mild and similar to other kush strains but what differentiates it from other kushes is the delectably sweet and spicy kick.

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