Liquid Gold THC Drops by Green Society

Item last updated: November 1, 2018

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Product Description:

Liquid Gold THC Drops are a magic tincture made for potent pain relief. For those looking to medicate while also avoiding the harsh, negative side-effects associated with smoking, this is the perfect alternative. Liquid Golds proprietary blend consists purely of coconut and cannabis oil, with no additional additives. This specific blend makes their THC Drops extremely versatile, as the coconut oil base allows this product to be used topically, sublingually, and it can even be cooked into your favourite foods! Each bottle contains 500mg of THC. Dosage can conveniently be controlled and applied with the child-resistant dropper-tip lid. Liquid Gold THC Drops are currently available in two exciting options: Guava Sativa 500mg .50 Pink Kong Indica 500mg .50

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