Chocolate Bars by Mota Cannabis by Green Society

Item last updated: December 14, 2018

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Product Description:

Mota Cannabis edibles come in a wide variety of products to fit whatever mood youre in. From baked goods, to gummy candies, theyve got it all. The expert bakers and confectioners have taken their skills to the test with these brand new cannabis and hemp infused chocolate bars. Cannabis and chocolate alone are an exquisite, mouth-watering combination that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth or cravings. With the additional benefits of CBD and/or THC infused within, these Chocolate Bars by Mota Cannabis make for a great and convenient way to relax. Each chocolate bar contains 6 pieces that can easily be broken off and portioned. Please be aware that doses of CBD and or/THC vary between flavours, and further information can be found on each products individual listing.

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