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About West Coast Supply

At West Coast Supply we believe in the medicinal benefits of cannabis when consumed responsibly by consenting adults as a natural alternative treatment for medical conditions and symptoms caused by some medical treatments (Such as chemotherapy). We strive to work with MMAR certified producers to provide the best medicine to our patients – everything on our website is subject to rigorous quality assurance testing. View our FAQ for more information on our QA testing practices and general queries about medicinal marijuana in Canada.
West Coast Supply is an established source of buying weed online in Canada. We are a reputable organization with a steady base of customers growing rapidly, come join the family today! We realize its not easy searching online for the safest, quickest and most reliable source to buy cannabis online. And that’s exactly why we are here. As experts in the industry, we have been handling our product for over a quarter of a century. We stay up-to-date on the most discrete and safe ways to deliver your product without delay. Our incredible customer service is the reason we have been known for a loyal customer base and following. Our product range is diverse and we offer almost all strains and extracts on the planet. Don’t settle for cheap imitations or low quality suppliers. West Coast Supply is your one stop weed solution. Our team is proud to offer same-day shipping and free gram on your first order. All patients are required to verify their age on their first order by e-mailing valid ID proving their name, photo, date of birth and address. Must be 19+.

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