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You already buy everything you want and need online. Why should buying weed online be any different? With West Coast Med it isn’t, and it may be even easier and more convenient.

We offer you a huge selection of only the highest caliber, medical grade mail order weed online through this website. You are just a few clicks away from your medicine being delivered directly to your door, quickly, discreetly, and without a hassle.

The one downside to ordering anything online is paying for shipping, but regular shoppers who buy in quantity don’t even have to worry about that at West Coast Med. Just order over $100 of weed online through our convenient website and we’ll throw in the shipping for free.

New customer

What a joke this pack sack outfit. 420 sale yahoo 15%off NOT. Total bullshit these guys . Mess up my first order can’t even get it to post office or get u a tracking number. Send me a replacement shipment that I’m still waiting for but no 15% off. Making the order less. Then have the balls to treat u like a piece of shit. Only thing they were good at is taking my ID and etransfer. And I wonder now what they do with the info afterwards . Stay away from buying here . I will continue to shop at POT CARGO they are professionals,reliable,fast to respond ,fast to ship. Great selection and product.West coast med goes running when things go south .  Shoulda read reviews about them first . Writing is on the wall . THIS OUTFIT SUCKS BIG TIME .if you replace an order u send what I ordered. Get it dumb ass.

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Man, these guys fucking suck.
0.9[ Quality 0.50 | Product as Described 0.50 | Shipping 2.00 | Communication 0.50 ]

WestCoastMed’s smell proofing technique is quite sad. Their lower and mid priced buds are absolute garbage in comparison to any legitimate MoM’s out there. Their quality control is lacking as of the 8 oz I received, 2 were mouldy and bud rotted, and the 6 other ounces looked liked they were blasted, as they lacked both smell and trichomes. These guys are terrible.

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1.5[ Quality 2.00 | Product as Described 1.00 | Shipping 1.50 ]

No free shipping over 100. took 4 days via xpresspost (25). no choice on the site at the time. I didnt see the above blurb until now. Purple og was on site with reviews stating not bad for 140.00 It was 90 weed… Its not even listed anymore..

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Decent experience, reliable MOM
3.9[ Quality 4.00 | Product as Described 3.50 | Shipping 4.50 | Communication 3.50 ]

There were a couple hiccups in communication, but I have reliably ordered from WCM a few times.  Product was generally good and as described, but I got some cheap OG Kush from them in the 420 sale that was definitely extracted in some way.  It had no proper odour and was very similar to the bounced buds that BudgetBuds is peddling, they deny any knowledge of it but it’s blatant.  Other than that, have received good deals from them (just beware of the cheaper buds without experience)

Packaging http://imgur.com/a/qnoXC 2 http://imgur.com/a/V651n

Purple Kush (budget) http://imgur.com/a/qb36l

Grape God http://imgur.com/a/KGEL4

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