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Our Story

In late 2014 a group of growers and extract artists Designed and Created a new extract company to fill a void in the Canadian Craft Cannabis industry.

The first decision was to take the industry by storm by lowering product prices, putting Patients Over Profit. The company was registered and Branded as Thompson Caribou Concentrates.

A professional Branding approach was taken, and the Shatterboo was born. Signature branding and styling was set, and launched some unique Clothing items to help represent the Brand.

2015 Marked the year of getting the name and brand out there, and very quickly established a presence in the industry.

Our first product was the signature TCC GCGB Budder & Flowers. These items were supplied to select dispensaries & entered in several competitions.

Karma Cup 2015 – with one submission, Atomic Cookies Budder the Team won 3rd place.
December 2015 – was launched. Offering a selection of Budder & Shatter. Soon the menu grew, including Canna Caps & Flowers at compassionate prices well below industry standard.

Early 2016 The signature TCC Syrup was released in 2 flavors Cherry & Grape. Due to the high popularity of this delicious edible, we added Blueberry Lemonade also. Summer of 2016 called for the addition of a new refreshing flavor, and the Syrup Wizard himself created Watermelon Strawberry syrup!

April 2nd 2016 we gave back to our patients and threw “Patients Over Profits Party” The first LIVE SYRUP BAR demo was open for service, and people loved what they saw & tasted!

MK Ultra!
5.0[ Quality 5.00 | Product as Described 5.00 | Shipping 5.00 | Communication 5.00 ]

Picked up some TC MK ULTRA and it was amazing! Some of the best shatter I’ve had to date!

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