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At Terra Cannabis we are constantly striving to provide our customers with the best medical cannabis experience you can have. Your experience with us will consist of dedicated customer service with multiple options of contacting us including telephone, world class cannabis and concentrates complimented with in depth strain information on every product you purchase. Have any questions? Contact us today!

The absolute worst
1.0[ Quality 1.00 | Product as Described 1.00 | Shipping 1.00 | Communication 1.00 ]

I’ve never had such a negative experience with a business, let alone a MOM. Terra cannabis is lazy, slow, rude, snarky, and condescending. If you place an order and pay on a Monday morning I expect the order to be taken to the post office by at least Wednesday, not FRIDAY! It took about 200 hours to finally get my product. Considering they (used to) brag about their timeliness I consider them an absolute joke. Dry ass flower, practically crumbles away.

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Bad batch?
4.1[ Quality 3.00 | Product as Described 5.00 | Shipping 3.50 | Communication 5.00 ]

Placed a small order from this MOM. It was sent out promptly which is great.

They vacuumed sealed everything and it was packed in a box. The only issue here was it was a pit over packed leading to some squishing.

Bud was a mixed bag, purple  rhino was nice and very purple as shown. The gsc was very dry and not great for the price point. The jolly ranchers were amazing!

Overall would order again

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