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Our mail order cannabis products are only high-grade quality and are sold at highly competitive prices.
We are committed to this, so if you find products of equal quality at a lower price. Please contact us so we can work out how to access them for our clients.

The Stash Club is a very strong supporter of the craft and artisan cannabis producers of Canada.

The Stash Club supports the full legalization of the cannabis industry. Let us all have access to lab tested, safe & organic products.

Our partners and suppliers have been passionately delivering top quality products to Canadians for the past three decades.

Please keep jobs local and let the master craftsmen and woman continue to innovate and provide access to the best cannabis products.

My Review on Stash Club
4.8[ Quality 5.00 | Product as Described 5.00 | Shipping 5.00 | Communication 4.00 ]

I’ve order off stash club quite a few times now and my product is always top quaity and super fast shippin 2-3  i highly reccomend this website ive never had a problem with stash club there always on point and have never experenced a problem keep doing what your doing stash club very happy costomer !

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sorry, my review is below
3.6[ Quality 2.50 | Product as Described 5.00 | Shipping 2.50 | Communication 4.50 ]

My review is below. I have enjoyed dealing with Stash Club. I would suggest they flesh out their listing on this site. I was dependent on word-of-mouth which was convincing. Shopping on a site dedicated to many suppliers would do them justice.

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Never order from here
0.0[ Quality 0.00 | Product as Described 0.00 | Shipping 0.00 | Communication 0.00 ]

ordering from here has been an absolute nightmare. They say 3-5 days but it took almost 10 days and trying to get a hold of them to see what’s up is pointless. They don’t answer the phone or respond to emails. They say they respond within 24 hours but it’s been over a week and I still haven’t heard a thing. When my order finally did come the product was disgusting… I got space queen which smells and tastes like perfume and actually made me sick and purple space cookies which looks tastes and feels like it’s been washed. If you want good product and customer service, do NOT order from here!!!

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  • harburn11
    I have done a more balanced review below. I could not find a comment that was even close to the truth in this review. I will follow up when I receive the product. Sad
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5.0[ Quality 5.00 | Product as Described 5.00 | Shipping 5.00 | Communication 5.00 ]

I ordered some Timewarp and Mercedes hash, both on sale. Small to medium sized buds well cured, smooth smoke, nice clear crystals and a wide awake high. The hash was fresh but soft, buffable and mellows out the weed nicely for the evenings. Shipping was fast and package had no odor, product was in smell proof bags and both packages were sealed in a second bag which arrived in a plain cardboard box.

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  • harburn11
    I am a new member of the Stash Club. My experience is diametrically opposite to Nicole’s. I received lots of assistance in completing the minimal paper work. I enjoyed reading the product reviews. Not a person found the problems that Nicole experienced. They touted dealing with Stash Club and exalted in their products aroma. Now, I’ve placed an orderand I expect the product and delivery to meet or exceed my high standards. Good Luck with other suppliers, Nicole
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