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I made my first order with Puffland a few weeks ago.  I’m not new to the MOM industry, have been ordering from them for over a year now.  I was looking for a new MOM due to some disappointment with previous ones.  Puffland came through big time!  They have great quality product, nicely trimmed cured buds that burn white ash.  Beautiful.  I tried the Skywalker OG, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, G13, and Cheesequake.  Every strain was excellent, G13 and Skywalker were very heavy hitting Indicas, 2 thumbs up.  Cheesequake and Platinum GSC were perfect Sativas.  They communication is great with an easy chat window on the website, shipping was super fast (2 day express) and prices were great.  As long as quality and prices stay the same, I will be using Puffland as my go-to MOM from now on.  Thanks Puffland!

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PufflandLogo.png 2 days ago
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