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Piney taste, potent
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I ordered a $99 oz of timewarp flower late Thursday before good Friday, payed via PayPal.  Received the following Thursday, so in normal circumstances this is 3-4 business days to Ontario.  Didn’t get any response or tracking number until I inquired on Tuesday before getting a quick response.  The bud was very dry but not brittle, still a bit spongy in the middle as though it had been stored for a long time but moisture controlled, all tiny buds but no shake.

The taste was the catch (no ‘hay’ taste but an overwhelming pine taste), my hunch is that this was grown in a forest of pine trees and the plant was infused with the pine in the phloem.  It was almost a deal breaker at first but got used to it over the course of a week smoking 2-3 j’s a day at which point the pine taste becomes a lot less noticeable.  So I was turned off at first then started liking it.  The smell was not good either as it reminded me of the pine taste.  The smoke is very smooth in a way but also kind of heavy (though not harsh) in a way that I cannot describe, like your smoking pine with your weed and get a white and black ash and oddly grey or bluish-tinged smoke, however there is still an organic and safe taste rather than concerns of hazardous contaminants.  The weed tends to go out by itself in a joint.  However I found that rolling very tightly all the way to the filter makes it stay lit more and makes it hit well whereas if it is loose it goes out and the hits are weak.  Quite resinous smoke.  The potency is the best part.  AAA in terms of potency, a heavy hybrid high, I have outed every single j so far out of about 20 j’s.  However the high lacks a bit of the edge that you get from indica, but you end up very high overall and immediately medicated, just doesn’t kick in sharply to give you that strong peak in your high.  I did vape this in an extreme q also and got a VERY thick and potent vapour, however due to the taste I did not enjoy vaping it.

Overall I’d say it is poor in terms of taste and smell, good potency, takes some getting used to.  Good option if you are trying to stay supplied and limit the cost of smoking but will take some getting used to before you enjoy it.  Expect your friends to make fun of it but I am satisfied for the price and glad to be able to roll fatties at will while saving money.

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