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Why choose Herbal Dispatch?


Get insane product selection, quality, and top-notch customer service you can TRUST. Thousands of satisfied members can’t be wrong.


Only the finest quality sinsemilla, concentrates, and other cannabis products from buyers with over 50 years of industry experience.


Thousands of up-to-date member product reviews ensure you know what’s what, and can buy with confidence for what’s right for you.


A wide variety of the finest Indica, Sativa, and derivative products at a variety of price points to choose from.


Your package will be sent with care to ensure its contents remain undetectable until unwrapped by you.


Unparalleled standards of service allow you to count on your order’s delivery timing.

Don't waste your time and money with Herbal Dispatch
0.5[ Quality 0.50 | Product as Described 0.50 | Shipping 0.50 | Communication 0.50 ]

Don’t waste your time or money with this company, their delivery processing is very slow, customer service department is not there to resolve any of your issues and will only copy and paste answers from their Q&A page. They will not answer half the question you ask them in customer support issues. I have made and payed for my order back on July 17, then finally on July 25 the item was processed at thier local postal facilities in Richmond. Yes that is 8 days for it to get processed. And the expected delivery date is July 30. July 17 – July 30. Just about 2 weeks to get the product I paid for. They also charge $15 for Xpresspost. Xpress post is supposed to be 2 or 3 days. That can also be verified through the Canada post website. 2 week to receive my order? I so wasted my time and money with this very unreliable company. Herbal dispatch does not care about customer satisfaction. And only care about getting your money. Do not waste your time and money with herbal dispatch unless you can wait 2 weeks for a package you were told would only take 3 or 4 days. Find another supplier as these guys are extremely unreliable.

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Herbal dispatch, avoid them!
1.8[ Quality 3.00 | Product as Described 3.00 | Shipping 0.50 | Communication 0.50 ]

I tried these guys twice and both times they took their time shipping my product. I got it after 10 days and I had to pick it up from post office. Their responce was blaming Canada Post. Complete lack of customer care.

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Cannot beat Herbal Dispatch
5.0[ Quality 5.00 | Product as Described 5.00 | Shipping 5.00 | Communication 5.00 ]

Quality of product, shipping and communication are always superior! Always a nice savings as well thanks to their points program. Use coupon code REFXO5FJP5KFH to save $25 off your first order over $99!

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Pretty great herb
4.0[ Quality 4.00 | Product as Described 4.00 | Shipping 4.00 | Communication 4.00 ]

Ordered once from Herbal Dispatch several months back.

Got a few of their sample packs as well as 4 eighths (UK Cheese, Blue Dream, Lindsay OG and Larry OG)

Great bud I’ve had better for cheaper than 240-280 an ounce.


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Dependable and consistent
5.0[ Quality 5.00 | Product as Described 5.00 | Shipping 5.00 | Communication 5.00 ]

Ordering: The site is easy to use. You need to be registered (current wait list is 3 weeks) and provide valid ID.

Communication: This was my first time back to HD after about a year. The turnaround is much slower than before, I assume due to the volume they are now doing. I ordered on Thursday late afternoon, payment was accepted early Friday morning, and while my shipping label was created on Friday night, it was not sent to a post office until Saturday. Product took 6 days from order to received, BC to Ontario.

Packaging: HD was my first MOM, and I went back specifically because I appreciate their packaging. Product is in labeled zip bags (now packed with a Boveda pack), two smell proof mylars, a box to prevent crushing, a sealed manilla mailer, and then an xpress post bubble mailer. Overkill? Maybe, but I consider this the bar I measure my other MOM purchases by.

I will leave product reviews in their respected sections, but I will note that even without discount codes, HD is usually on the low end of the price scale without getting into low grade flower. I have had one half ox short .4g one time, the remainder have been accurate.

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