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hy smoke cannabis? There are many benefits to consuming cannabis, and smoking buds is one of the easiest, most cost-friendly ways to get your fix. Many people choose to buy their weed online because the variety and the quality are superior to what they find locally or in stores. Whether you choose to buy cannabis flowers online, buy cannabis concentratesshop for edibles online, or looking for vapes & extracts online, in Canada there’s only one place to get the quality and consistency of your marijuana: Haute.health.
Cannabis in its many forms can have profound effects on your health, it’s why Haute.health exists: to bring you the best quality cannabis flowers with the convenience and favorable prices of online shopping. There’s many beneficial traits to consuming marijuana products, but the majority of people rely on the healing capabilities of THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), is the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis mostly associated with the “high” you feel when you smoke weed or eat edibles. CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is also highly sought after for its positive health benefits, but unlike its cannabinoid cousin THC, Cannabidiol does not have any psychoactive effects. In fact, CBD actually helps to lessen the effects of THC when they’re taken together. For some, this defeats the whole purpose of lighting up a joint! For others who need to be able to benefit from cannabis as medicine, but can’t afford to feel the “high”, CBD is a perfect choice as you get all the positives without the dopey feelings associated with THC.

Used to be decent
0.5[ Quality 0.50 | Product as Described 0.50 | Shipping 0.50 | Communication 0.50 ]

This company used to be great till they started getting ready to close shop or something I’ve had two packages back to back one for 150 another for 300 both never recieved they took the insurance payment on em also, just collecting as much as they can now before closing doors.

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Horrible product - smushed Buds
0.5[ Quality 0.50 | Product as Described 0.50 | Shipping 0.50 | Communication 0.50 ]

NEVER seen such a thing. I have ordered from the site many times and refered people as well.

Today’s order was garbage. They use ziplock style bags to package their weed but then they vacuum seal so much that all buds are crushed together and smashed flat. Was a shame seeing every single bud smashed. When I reached out, they said that is what they need to do to mail it. I call BS. I say they need to use better packaging to protect the buds. They need to use a hard plastic then vacuum seal. I will no longer buy from them as I like nice buds and refuse to accept flat blobs.!

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Worst dispensary ever
0.9[ Quality 1.00 | Product as Described 1.50 | Shipping 0.50 | Communication 0.50 ]

Super slow delivery. If you want your order 2 or 3 weeks from now then go ahead and order but be warned they take a full week to pack your order then 2-3 days to get it to the post office. Thankfully Canada Post is quick but DO NOT BELIEVE their 2-3 day delivery bull shit. Very least it takes 7-10 business days. 15 in my last 2 orders. Cheap products that are ok at best but the customer service is almost as bad as their incredibly slow turn around time.

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Better to order somewhere else
1.9[ Quality 3.00 | Product as Described 1.50 | Shipping 3.00 | Communication 0.00 ]

The website is currently leaking over 66k customers info (ID included) along with the sales.


At that point, any other MoM is better.

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Too bad...
2.5[ Quality 2.00 | Product as Described 4.00 | Shipping 3.00 | Communication 1.00 ]
very sketchy experience for my first order when they didn’t send confirmation and I had to reach their customer service to get a tracking number.
Quality was barely acceptable, I suppose it was barely ok for the price. (I bought an oz of “Sativa dominant” from the $5 grams selection… it’s better than nothing but it feels like mild Indica to me) in terms of the buzz I get from smoking it… was a waste of money. rather sure there’s different kinds of bud in there too..
The “Primo buds” they sent as referral gift were squished flat and dry and none too potent either…. and the shatter I got was disappointing as well.
the free blunt with first order was a joke… felt like I was smoking anything but cannabis.
I’ll try a different company before I order from these folks again.
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20210129_113005_(1).jpg 1 year ago by Smushed Buds in Horrible product - smushed Buds
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