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Lab Tested Products, Organically Grown Medicine, and Dedicated Customer Service.
We also Offer One Day Shipping Within Ontario.

DHO Medicinal – Deep Healing Organics Mail Order Cannabis, Was Established In 2014 With the Intention of Providing Cannabis Patients Throughout All of Canada With the Highest Quality Medication Available.

Our Staff Have an Exceptional Understanding of Cannabis And The Ways in Which it Affects the Body. To Help Patients Find What Suits them Best – We offer a variety of strains – from typical Indica and Sativas – to The Newest Hyrids and Rare Landraces! This Ensures Members of DHO Medicinal Can Get Exactly What They’re Looking For!

All Of Our Medicine Is Grown Organically – In the Heart of B.C.! Using Cutting Edge Growing Techniques in 100% Sterile Environments – It is monitored 24/7 Before and After Harvest, to Ensure Patients are Provided With the Most Potent and Clean Medicine Possible. Grown by professionals With 25+ Years of Experience, Our cannabis is among The Finest in The Country.

We Strive to Keep our Patients Happy by Setting Ourselves Apart From The Rest By Offering Lab Tested Products, Dedicated Customer Service – And an HTTPS Secure Site – To Ensure your Sensitive info is Protected!

Might as well throw your money away
0.4[ Quality 0.50 | Product as Described 0.50 | Shipping 0.50 | Communication 0.00 ]
  • neil macdonald reviewed 1 year ago
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Dho does not give a shit about there customers ( the people who they accept their money transfer but dont send them the product). Dho will accept your money asap and send a completion email but your product wont be arriving huge scam.

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0.5[ Quality 0.50 | Product as Described 0.50 | Shipping 0.50 | Communication 0.50 ]

Ordered a few times when I was desperate and needed next-day. A lot of their flowers THC content is bogus. $13/g for an indica strain containing 31% THC should put me on my ass for a few hours; basically gave me a sativa high.

They also use stock photos for buds, which usually isn’t a big deal unless your buds look absolutely nothing like what you’re advertising. Most recent order was sent the wrong strain (ordered Pink Tuna, received what looked like their Hindu Kush with a couple extra-brown nugs) and they did zero to rectify it.

They also pick-and-choose which reviews to post, just as shady as GE and THCD.

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Good Service!
5.0[ Quality 5.00 | Product as Described 5.00 | Shipping 5.00 | Communication 5.00 ]

got pre-98 bubba, pink tuna and few other things from DHO over the past few months

every order has been on point, my only complaint would be they don’t use boxes which can compress the buds a bit

not a deal breaker for sure. the bud was great

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4.0[ Quality 4.00 | Product as Described 4.00 | Shipping 4.00 | Communication 4.00 ]

I ordered from them once and only once. They were reliable and communicated well, product was also good.

However, they shorted me a little bit on my order. Not a lot, but enough to get knocked down a peg.

Also note that this has ‘sister sites’ in Escarpment wellness and First Class Medicinal. Grab Gastown products here, but also be aware that they were once called out by Temple of Calyx for selling ‘fake’ ToC flowers

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