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Bud come just like it looks in pics
4.8[ Quality 4.50 | Product as Described 5.00 | Shipping 5.00 | Communication 4.50 ]

I have ordered twice and both times it came on time and was decent quality. The fcgsc was very good best I have ordered so far from mom’s. Out of 4 mom’s they are the best so far I would say. The shatter has been very good in my opinion the trim from the gsc is incredible as good as any other shatter I’ve had. No discounts or deals and fcgsc is a bit pricy but overall great mom.

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Amazing service, although a little unconventional
4.8[ Quality 5.00 | Product as Described 5.00 | Shipping 4.00 | Communication 5.00 ]

These guys got their shit together when it comes to growing bud.

The rockstar and pink kush they have are¬†hands down the best versions of those strains I’ve ever had.

Extremely potent, tasty and clean burning herb.

The only downside is they are an email only service (not such a big deal)

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