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If you’re looking to buy medical marijuana in Canada then look no further. Budzone.ca has a wide variety of cannabis strains and concentrates for numerous medical conditions as well as recreational enjoyment. If you’ve been wondering how to order cannabis online then you’ve come to the right place. It’s never been easier to have your medical marijuana delivered straight to your door!

2.3[ Quality 4.00 | Shipping 0.50 ]

There flowers are good but they advertise free EXPRESS shipping on orders over 150 but its been 3 days & still not here I ordered on Sunday so I wouldn’t run out and now I don’t have anything for tonight. It’s been sitting in richmond since 11:30pm two days ago & hasn’t moved… time to look for a new site to order from

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1.9[ Quality 1.00 | Product as Described 1.50 | Shipping 4.00 | Communication 1.00 ]

I’ve been purchasing my product from a few sites now for over 9 months, recently I’ve tried Budzone.ca seeing they have good reviews and good promotions.

On the first order I received over half of the order was incorrect and replaced with lower quality dried out bud, their customer service rep told me that he was pretty much a one man team and likes to think he’s on top of things and doesn’t want to lose me as a customer. For the problem they threw in 2 extra grams and some fedora seeds.

The second order I made and received was the same, over half of my order was wrong and replaced with lower quality bud. I have emailed them and am still waiting for a reply. They seem to take your money and pick and choose what they want to send you without keeping you informed or offering a refund.

For the bud I have received half of it was so dry it went to dust,  but the other half was good quality.

Do not recommend!

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Come For The Bud, Stay For The Service
4.8[ Quality 4.50 | Product as Described 4.50 | Shipping 5.00 | Communication 5.00 ]

I’ve tried a few MOMs over the last few months and they all had good and not so great qualities. However, Bud Zone has quickly become my favorite.

They offer a nice selection of products ranging from flower and shatter to capsules, edibles and tinctures. My favorite product is one I haven’t found anywhere else; the oral mist. A few sprays from the small, discrete bottle (looks like a breath freshener) and in a few minutes you are good to go.  The taste is a bit harsh, kind of like berry flavoured mouth wash, but well worth it. For people who have trouble smoking or vaping, I think it’s an excellent alternative. The only downside I found is that each bottle is supposed to have ~60 sprays but I get closer to 45-50. But at only $25/bottle it’s still a great deal.

The highlight of Bud Zone, in my opinion, isn’t just their products but their fantastic customer service. They are always very friendly, accommodating and quick to reply. I was pleasantly surprised to get a few bonuses in my order and not just the first time. They are personable and always looking to satisfy their customers. Above having excellent products at competitive prices, it’s their service that will keep me coming back.


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