VIRIDESCO: Cherry Oil by JJ Meds

Item added: March 22, 2020

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Product Description:

Viridesco Cherry Oil Viridesco Cherry Oil is lab-tested and inconvenient and precise packaging with informative presentation the best solution for todays evolving marketplace. Very good for smoking, topical, and oral/edible needs. Enjoy cannabis oils + concentrates of superior quality with Viridesco. Whether you are seeking premium RSO, or High-Quality full-plant CBD Extract, this product has the Oil for Life. Viridesco offers accurate dosing and labeling on each of their products. They have a core value to provide unadulterated, lab-tested, medical-grade hemp and cannabis-derived oils for Canadas medical cannabis community. Viridesco takes pride in their products. The team takes every measure to ensure their concentrates are the cleanest and most effective. The Viridesco team supplies cannabis-derived oils crafted in a variety of extraction techniques. By partnering with different extraction professionals, Viridesco delivers high quality concentrates.

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