Pure Honey Oil by Doob Dasher

Item last updated: May 15, 2019

Pure Honey Oil by Doob Dasher - Image © 2018 Doob Dasher. All Rights Reserved.

Product Description:

This concentrate packs a robust cerebral punch with 90% THC. The potent high can be described as clear focused when vaporized or dabbed, but when ingested it can also help treat chronic pain with a strong body effect. What Is Honey Oil? Honey oil is the non-technical term (pot culture has a lot of those) for hash oil. Hash oil became known as honey oil because the concentrate has the amber color of, you guessed it, honey. So what makes honey oil so great? Again, it goes back to the word concentrate. Really good raw marijuana that you smoke typically contains 20% THC. Thats plenty of THC to send you on a truly righteous journey. But take that same marijuana, run it through an extraction process, and the resultant concentrate (hash oil or honey oil) can have upwards of 95% THC content. Honey oil is really only used for one thing: to make shatter and wax. These are the two forms that are most readily useable in the dabbing process. Think of honey oil as a transition phase between the bud you smoke and the stuff you dab. Shatter and wax are really just cooled and dried forms of the honey oil.

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