OG Kush Kief by Green Society

Item last updated: November 1, 2018

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Product Description:

Our OG Kush Kief comes directly from the source - harvested by local craft-cannabis connoisseurs, our OG Kush Kief is collected from small-batch crops of fresh, premium OG Kush. This OG Kush Kief is extremely potent, with average lab test results ranging from 44%-52% THC concentration. Heavy-hitting, quick-acting and extremely versatile, OG Kush Kief can be conveniently sprinkled into any joint, bowl, and dry-herb vaporizer with ease! PRICING FOR OG KUSH KIEF IS AS FOLLOWS: 1 GRAM 3.5 GRAMS .99 7 GRAMS .99 14 GRAMS .99 28 GRAMS .99

Product Prices

1/8 Oz
1/4 Oz
1/2 Oz

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