Holy Grail Clear Distillate by Green Society

Item last updated: December 7, 2018

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In a society where health is wealth, we are constantly seeking new, healthier alternatives for many things in our lives. When it comes to how we medicate, the importance is stressed even more - the cannabis industry is continuously making scientific advances, and with that comes new, ingenious ways to heal. THC distillates are made possible due to a new state of the art short-path distillation method first discovered by Root Sciences. This method separates lipids, waxes and other impurities from cannabinoids without the use of potentially dangerous solvents, creating the most pure and potent form of cannabis available on the market. Green Societys Holy Grail Clear Distillates are derived from top-shelf, locally grown Holy Grail BC Bud to ensure a pure and potent end product. Our Holy Grail Clear Distillates are of hybrid nature, and contain 94% THC. CBD Content: 1% THC Content: 94% Phenotype: Hybrid Weight: 1ml

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