Amsterdam Gold Shatter by Doob Dasher

Item added: February 13, 2020

Amsterdam Gold Shatter by Doob Dasher - Image © 2020 Doob Dasher. All Rights Reserved.

Product Description:

Amsterdam Gold is an Indica dominant Hybrid strain with a ratio of 30% Sativa and 70% Indica. Originally developed in California in the 70s, the strain was later grown outdoors in Holland since the 80s. This hybrid strain is fairly potent with an average THC level of 18%. It has a earthy citrus flavor that smokes very soft. Smoking this strain can make you experience euphoria, creativity, calmness, numbness, gain in appetite, and pain relief. Many medical patients seek Amsterdam Gold for its effectiveness in Depression, PMS, Lack of Appetite, and Insomnia. BUY 20 GRAMS MORE AND RECEIVE 10% OFF

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