91 Supreme CO Vaporizer Kit (Rockstar) by Green Society

Item last updated: September 11, 2018

91 Supreme CO Vaporizer Kit (Rockstar) by Green Society - Image © 2018 Green Society. All Rights Reserved.

Product Description:

Real Cannabis-Derived Terpenes. 91 Supreme has been a pioneer in cannabis processing and now, can offer their distinct flavours to Vape Pen users. They use THC Distillate that is derived from supercritical CO2 extractions, and then dilute the raw distillate with real Cannabis-derived terpenes. These terpenes are garnered through a cold trapping technique where terpene molecules are preserved. Each91 Supreme CO Vaporizer Kit comes equipped with a fully loaded 0.7mL distillate cartridge containing 400mg of THC, a 320 mAh 510 thread compatible rechargeable battery, and a DC 5.0v USB compatible charger. Each battery is capable of performing at three different heat settings which are reflected by different colours: green (low-heat), blue (medium-heat), and purple (high-heat). To turn on the battery, tap the base of the pen 5 times and tap the base 3 times to change heat settings. Phenotype: Indica Strain: Rockstar (Rbd x Sen)

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