3G Mix & Match Hash by Green Society

Item last updated: July 14, 2018

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With Green Societys 3 Gram Mix Match Hash Pack, youll no longer have to make difficult decisions in regards to what you want, and save money at the same time. Users have the option to combine any of the available varieties of hash we currently carry to make their own personalized 3 Gram Mix Match Hash Pack. Hash Varieties: Afghani Temple Caduceus Afghani Golden Dragon Mercedes What Is Hash: Kief is made up of the resin glands or trichomes of the cannabis plant. It is seperated from the rest of the plant matter, and is basically pure THC concentrate. Hash is the result of the seperation of the THC or trichome resin glands of the cannabis plant separating from the plant material itself. The pure THC or kief is then generally pressed into a brick shape with heat to form hash or hashish as others may know it as. Our AAA+ grade Afghani hashish is of the highest quality, guaranteed. How To Smoke Hash: The options for taking in hash are endless. It is most convenient and worthwhile to sprinkle or crown a little bit of hash into your bong or pipe bowls, or to mix it in with your joints, and then kick back and relax!

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