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A Little Bit About Us

Leaf Reviews is a software platform and website that was created in February of 2017. It was created to provide a comprehensive database and honest reviews for mail order marijuana (MOM) services and products in Canada. It connects to many MOM websites and catalogs their products into a nice, easy to browse system. We then provide many different ways of filtering and sorting the products for your convenience. This way you can really narrow down your options depending on your needs!

Here are the features of our product catalogs:

  • gets new flowers, concentrates and edibles every 4 hours
  • categorizes items according to concentrate type or edible type (ie. shatter, cookies, etc.)
  • categorizes items according to the company that produced it (ie. Phyto, Miss Envy, etc.)
  • each product gets a page which you can search for via the Flower, Concentrates or Edibles catalog pages

We feature a dispensary directory including a large number of MOM services. Here you can get an overview of their services, see which ones have coupons or special offers you may be interested in, or leave a review. We also provide you with the contact information for each dispensary along with links to their social media channels (if any). This way if you’re having issues receiving an order or would like to reach out to them, you have that info available to you quickly and easily.

Finally, our in-house reviews provide you with a great deal of insight for a ton of mail order cannabis services. Take a few minutes to go through some of our previous experiences before ordering – chances are we’ve covered the place you’re considering! We love quality cannabis and want to provide our followers with the best information possible. If you’re unsure of where to start – we’d definitely recommend checking out one of our premier dispensaries listed in the sidebar. They provide quality service and deliver solid product – our personal go-to’s.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi feel free to fill out the form on this page. We absolutely love helping people find the best products / service for their needs.